The Trust

Aims of the Trust

Camden Railway Heritage Trust (CRHT) is a charity promoting, for public benefit, the preservation and restoration of the railway and associated heritage, access to the heritage and the education of the public in the broad appreciation of the social and industrial history of the area.

Why is the Trust needed?

The Trust was formed in January 2007 in direct response to the threat posed to the Eastern Horse Tunnel by the proposed redevelopment of 30 Oval Road, the former railway offices, latterly studios of the Jim Henson Corporation, the creator of the Muppets. This is only one of many threats to the extraordinary heritage in and around the Goods Depot.

The reasons behind threats to our heritage could not be better expressed than by Sean Murphy, writing about the loss of heritage in Temple Bar, Dublin:

“Experience shows us that there is a deadly linkage between acts of planning vandalism and historical ignorance or apathy.”
The Trust’s role is to correct the ignorance of developers and planning authorities in order to protect the heritage, and to educate the public in order to create wider support for our aims. While development is inevitable we believe strongly that it should understand, respect, cherish and celebrate the unique heritage that exists. Indeed we believe that this will result in greater long-term gain both to developers and the community.

Funding and support

The Trust encourages members of the public to register their support and distributes newsletters to supporters and those with influence over local development. This form of communication has been funded without recourse to supporters.

The Trust’s income derives from donations from individuals (including Trustees) and charitable organisations and from its own activities, including guided walks, talks and sales of publications.

Should the Trust require more substantial funds for meeting its aims, its substantial base of support may need to be called on.

What have we been doing?

The following gives a flavour of some of the activities of the Trust:
  • Establishing the national and international significance of the heritage. Three locations for which we have made applications to English Heritage for upgrading have now been upgraded to II* from II.
  • Our aim of restoring the Primrose Hill Tunnel East Portals and providing public access has led, as a first stage, to Network Rail removing graffiti and vegetation and improving drainage. The structures are now cleaner and more visible to the general public. As of 2013, we will encourage a viewing platform to be included in plans for redevelopment of the Adelaide Medical Centre.
  • Establishing the Camden Railway Heritage Trail. Many people have enjoyed guided walks or used the Trail Guide to navigate, but formal recognition of the Trail, particularly by the local authority, remains an aim.
  • Determining the cause of flooding of the Stationary Winding Engine Vaults.
  • Creating an educational resource for local schools, that would mesh with the national curriculum and provide readily accessible material on Victorian London.


The CRHT has three trustees (or directors) who direct the affairs of the Trust until new trustees are elected:
  • Peter Darley, Secretary and Treasurer, chartered civil engineer, economist, project manager, local resident.
  • Anthony Richardson, architect experienced in heritage projects, founder and managing director of Anthony Richardson & Partners, local resident, Chair of Regent's Canal Conservation Area Advisory Committee.
  • Martin Morton, chairman, Camden Civic Society; lived in Camden for 50 years; member of St Pancras/Camden local authority for 25 years - council leader 1970/1. Employed 28 years with Confederation of British Industry; later director, Engineering Construction Industry Association.
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