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About this website

Main objectives of the web site are aligned with those of the trust
  • Promote the need for the work of the trust, and attract more members and supporters (and need to explain the benefits of heritage);
  • Support the ongoing projects that the trust is working on;
  • Educate and inform people interested in the social and economic interests;
  • and help to reduce any overheads and costs involved in administration of the trust. 
The current web site is low cost; based on a free Google Sites website, and something which can be updated by individual trust members as required.  We recognise that there are some limitations in terms of layouts and tradeoffs in taking this approach. 

When creating the web site we've tried to cater for two audiences
  • Those who come across the trust for the first time - many of these people may know little about the industrial heritage of the area, and the web site should give them a quick overview and perhaps trigger an interest to become more involved in the work of the trust, and provide them with basic information'
  • A smaller number of people who may already know a lot about the areas covered by the trust - and potentially provide them with more detailed information.